Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facebook Launching Gmail Competitor 'Titan' on Monday?

Facebook Launching Gmail Competitor 'Titan' on Monday?: "

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It seems like only yesterday that we at Switched were huddled around our monitors, watching Mark Zuckerberg announce the launch of Deals. (It was actually a little over a week ago.) But word has come down from on high that yet another Facebook event will soon be upon us. On Monday, Zuck and crew will once again gather a bunch of nerds in a room -- and even more nerds online, via live-stream -- to announce... something. The invites going around make it pretty clear that the announcement will be focused on the site's messaging products, and rumor has it that Facebook will be launching a full-fledged e-mail service.

According to TechCrunch's sources, next week will see the launch of Facebook's Project Titan, a full-featured Web-mail client that's internally being called a Gmail killer. Users will supposedly get @Facebook e-mail addresses, and we can only assume there will be tight integration with Facebook's photo and event services, the most popular in their respective fields. (Still, TechCrunch says that the service is early in its development, and the version announced next week could be fairly simplistic.) But if Facebook hopes to pry us away from our beloved Gmail accounts, it's going to have unleash something truly mind-blowing.

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