Monday, June 29, 2009

Meta Description – What It Is and Optimization

Using this websites meta description as an example, a meta description tag looks like this:

<meta name=”description” content=”Free Wordpress themes, Blogger themes, templates, designs & SEO basics.”>

*To view the meta description tag of a site, go to your browser toolbar or right-click anywhere on your page and choose ‘view source’. It will be in the first few lines of code.*

Optimize your META Description Tag

Optimize these tags for the Search Engines to ensure that your site has a better opportunity to rank highly for the words that you’d expect your potential target market to use in their query.

Your meta description tag describes the content of your website & pages. Search engine software scans the web to detect relevant content for search queries. These are better known as search engine robots or ‘bots’.

They gather information from various parts of your website, when indexing your pages. The meta description tag is a primary hot spot for bot love.

As you learn SEO, you learn to optimize at every opportunity, no stone left unturned.

Together with the site’s optimized visible content, the optimized meta description tag provides the information needed to match your target market’s search queries and is visible to readers beneath results.

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